Friday, August 21, 2009

Into the Wild(erness -- sort of)

Heading out for a week plus away from civilization. When I return, I'd like the U.S. health care system to be fully reformed (including an appropriate primary emphasis on health rather than health care), the economy to have recovered, the troops to have returned from Afganistan, the globe to have stopped warming, U.S. import of McEwan's Scotch Ale to have been restored, and my dog's tail to be wagging. I am optimistic about one of those desires. Cheers y'all.


George Berger said...

Lots of Luck with all that. I'm a cat person.
Best, George

M. Huw Evans said...

Just returned today, and Malbec (the dog) was wildly enthused (to put it mildly).

George Berger said...

Nice, but I hope you did not leave Malbec all alone by his/her-self.