Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 new blogs to watch

I am working on the follow-up post to my end-of-year/birthday ramble. But first I want to draw your attention to two new blogs on the net.

The first is Enigmatic Variant (think Elgar) and belongs to my wife, who is a runner, a reader, a writer, a violinist, an anesthesiologist, and the kindest, smartest and most beautiful person I know. I'm really looking forward to reading her posts!

The second is Zech Moore Artwork and Custom Blacksmithing. Zech is one of my best friends and when we were teenagers together in Oregon we started messing around with metal work. He kept with it and is turning out some fantastic hand-forged artwork and blades. I have one of his pieces (the wine stand on the second page of posts) and am thoroughly impressed with it.

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Kahlilia said...

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