Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Project

Greetings, readers.

I have, as you are well aware, failed to maintain any sort of regularity in posting to this blog. With the advent of a new year, I will endeavor to rectify the situation. I know myself too well to imagine that by simply declaring a resolution on (or shortly following) the first day of the calendar year anything will change. I must therefore employ some strategy, some plan, some discipline.

I am currently taking a series of online writing workshops from Cat Rambo, a local SF writer. During the first session, she had the participants perform a timed writing exercise, based on the prompt, "The puppets of chaos were dancing." The rules (as I recorded them) were 1) give yourself permission to write crap; 2) keep the pen moving or the fingers typing (don't stop to edit; just put the words on the page); and 3) go for the jugular (if there's something that frightens you, that may be what you should write about). I'm not sure how much time she provided, but this is what I managed to produce:

The puppets of chaos were dancing, but they weren’t dancing very well. At least that was the opinion of Harold, the official critic who’d been hired to monitor the event from afar. He’d seen so many dance troupes by this point in his career that it didn’t take him long to recognize talent, skill, or the lack thereof. The puppets of chaos were but one of nearly a thousand troupes beaming him videos of their performances from the furthest reaches of the galaxy. One of nearly a thousand rag-tag bands of wannabes hoping for a free teleport to the central system.

I found this exercise surprisingly challenging and surprisingly enjoyable and stimulating, so I did it again the following day, based on a prompt from a random phrase generator I found online. Then I did it again the next day, and the day after that. I haven't managed to do anything on a daily basis (besides, eating, sleeping, excreting, etc) for at least ten years, but now I've just finished my 18th daily timed writing exercise.

Hooray for me, right? But how does this help with the resurrection of my stagnant blog?

I will post all of these timed writing exercises here. I may not post everyday, but I'll write every day and so on average, there'll be at least one new post per day on my blog.

These will be very rough pieces and they will probably never be complete. Sometimes they may even end in the middle of a sentence. No apologies. They're just exercises.

Feel free to read them or not.

Feel free to comment.

If there's one that you particularly like and think I should pursue further, let me know.

If you want to suggest prompts for future timed writing exercise, I'd be very grateful, as coming up with prompts is the toughest part of the exercise (please keep the prompts short -- one sentence or less).

I anticipate that ultimately I'll incorporate some of these into longer pieces, and when I do, I'll post about it, with a link to the original post.



Seth said...

Enjoyed the first 18, and expect yours to now be one of the nearly daily blogs that I read.

They too will stop caring.

M. Huw Evans said...

Thanks, Seth! And thanks for the prompt. I'll use it tomorrow!

Ambywinks said...

This is fantastic Micaiah, you are wildly talented and I am looking forward to reading more.

M. Huw Evans said...

Thank you, Amber.

Feel free to suggest a prompt. I'll give you credit for it. ',:^D