Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Timed Writing: 1/10/2012

Time: 15 minutes
Prompt: If only he'd had omniscience
Source: Seth Moore (a comment on my previous post)

"If only he'd had omniscience activated, we wouldn't be here cleaning up his remains again."

"Yeah, and if only pigs could fly. You know he'll never switch it on. He's from another era -- it just doesn't seem right to him to know that much. I think it's something you have to start using as a child. Otherwise it will always mess with your head. Heck, even I can't handle it all the time and you and me have had 'em on since we were six!"

"I suppose. But still this is what... the fourth time this year we've been out here sweeping up brain and guts? The least he could do would be to buy a 'bot to follow him around and do the mop-up. Family duty and all -- I know. But I'm starting to get sick of it."

"You really think he'd go for a robot following him around? If there's one thing Gramps is, it's private."

"Oh, hey! Here's most of his head. Looks to be in better shape than last time. Oh... shit... what is this?"

"What? What'd you find? Ella?"

"Oh god, Harry, he's been been trying to block the scans again. Look at these filaments, here where the skin's torn off."

"Are they... whoa, they are! They're under his scalp! That's wild! Must have hurt like a son-of-a-bitch -- pushing all those little wires through his skin! Think he did it himself?"

"I can't imagine a med-hum taking the job. Too risky. And he'd never have gotten a med-bot to do it. It must have taken him forever!"

"Well it's only been three weeks since his last restore, so he can't have been working on it very long."

"But look, there must be a hundred strands going each way in here. Give me a blade. Yeah, look... everywhere I cut, it's the same. He's got a complete mesh. I wonder if it worked."

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Seth said...

Did he find the peace he was looking for?

M. Huw Evans said...

Is that intended to be a prompt?

Seth said...

If you like it as such, feel free to use it, but it's also question on the story, though not necessarily needing an answer. I don't know if you prefer to leave the interpretation up to the reader or not.

M. Huw Evans said...

Hmmm... I hadn't really thought about it. If I ever come back and develop this into a full story, I'm guessing that he might have found temporary peace (that his Faraday cage worked for the short time that he lived with it), but I'm assuming that each time he's restored from a back-up, it's into a body that's rebuilt to original design specs -- no improvements or modifications retained -- so the backed-up version would have to start looking for peace all over again. The Faraday cage would have inhibited the back-up process, so the next version of him probably wouldn't remember actually having done it, though possibly would remember having thought about doing it. More likely than not, however, such memories will be redacted and his family won't tell him what he did and will keep a closer eye on him, so he'll have to come up with some plan to foil the scans all over again. Sucks to be him.