Monday, January 16, 2012

Timed Writing: 1/15/2012

Time: 10 minutes
Prompt: How come you survived
Source: Edward Marriott, Savage Shore

"How come you survived? Of all the people who could have survived -- should have survived -- how come it was you? You were supposed to be the sacrificial pawn. You were supposed to die if anybody died. What the hell are you doing here, standing in front of me with that dumb cow look on your face? Huh?"

I could find no words. I knew that everything she said was true, but it still stung to hear it verbalized so ruthlessly.

"Have the med folks check you over." Her tone was no kinder, but it was less harsh. It was a tainted with defeat and resignation. "Maybe they can learn something valuable from you -- figure out why the others died and you didn't. Maybe there's something wrong with you that we can use."

"They scanned me as soon as the ship docked," I said.

"OK. I'll talk to them," she said. "Get back to your cell."

The space between us filled in with substrate and a passage formed in the wall beside me. I turned and followed the path provided by the parting of the substrate before me. I could feel it closing behind me too, urging me forward. This bubble that I inhabited guided me through the station's solid matrix according to some path known only to the central mind. Eventually the pocket stopped and opened out a bit to become a cell, complete with cot, toilet and wash basin. An alcove containing a nutrition box opened in the wall beside the cot.

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