Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Timed Writing: 12/20/2011

Time: 10 minutes
Prompt: A committee washes beside a crack
Source: Random Phrase Generator

Several committees were actually known to wash beside the crack, just as many individuals had taken to washing there. The heat that poured from the crack was intense enough to warm the pails of water that the committees would bring, and within half an hour of arriving at the crack, the committees could proceed with their dual purposes: discussing the issues with which they'd been tasked and communal bathing.

"But what about the demands for higher grain prices in the markets?" a gray-haired woman of sixty said as she dipped a cloth in a pail of hot water and proceeded to scrub her bathing partner's back.

"It's ridiculous," he replied. "We've raised and lowered the prices for all of the commodities over the past several years, proportional to demands and availabilities. Neither the demand for, nor the availability of grain has changed meaningfully since last year. They're just jealous of the prices that the potato farmers are getting due to the potato blight. Would the grain farmers like to suffer abject poverty at a rate of two in five, as has occurred with the potato farmers? Perhaps some locusts could be arranged to come destroy their crops and drive up prices."

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