Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Timed Writing: 12/21/2011

Time: 5 minutes
Prompt: The shelter inconveniences your sea
Source: Random Phrase Generator

The shelter inconveniences your sea. It forces the tides to turn aside and wash on other shores. The strong tall shelter that we all crave renders strenuous the tasks of your salty sea.

It would wash the beaches and pull the sands. It would stir rocks and expose roots. It would leave gifts of driftwood and dead leviathans at your feet. If left unimpeded by these sheltering walls. Still the sea works on, tries ever to accomplish its purposes with respect to your lands. The shelter keeps it from affecting one isolated stretch, but it works all the harder elsewhere.

In our shelter now we wait, we watch, we grow and plan. One day we will step out and embrace, once again, your sea and all she offers. Till then we will inconvenience her as we shelter in this refuge.

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