Thursday, January 26, 2012

Timed Writing: 1/24/2012

Time: 5 minutes
Prompt: I recall an image
Source: Mary Roach, Packing for Mars

I recall an image from my grandmother's collections of photographs. It was a sepia-tone portrait of three people. There was no date on it and all that was scrawled on the reverse was "E.L. & J.F." Two of the persons in the photograph are seated on a white wicker settee; the third is standing behind them. The seated person on the left is male, dressed in a dark striped suit and a white shirt, with a sort of bow-tie -- not like bow-ties nowadays, but like a bow-tie with two tails hanging down from the knot. He is completely bald and his age is difficult to guess, but he might be as young as thirty-five or as old as fifty. The person seated on the right is a woman in a white gown witha lot of lace and ruffels and a high neck, almost up to her chin. Her dark hair is piled atop her head. She appears to be younger than the man beside her; between twenty and thirty, perhaps. The part of this picture that makes it so memorable, however, is the third person -- the one standing behind the settee.

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