Friday, January 27, 2012

Timed Writing: 1/26/2012

Time: 10 minutes
Prompt: A little snow had fallen
Source: Rudyard Kipling, The Man Who Would Be King

A little snow had fallen off Ezel's helmet and patches of black metal showed. I told him of it, but he seemed not to care whether we might be seen. He seemed not to care of anything, and were there an enemy in sight to whom he might surrender, it would have surprised me none to see him stand and do so. Times were plenty though, that he had been the boldest and the canniest warrior of the collect -- a man on whom his kit-mates might rely to ever lead an attack, bring up the rear of a retreat, or scout the cleverest way through an Agul infest. In them times would I have sought him to lead and instruct me on how to make the land my ally, how to use the loamy moss as my camouflage or sink my face in the mire to occult its bright. Him it would be to put ice to my helm, countering my head heat to make the snow stick again. Him it would be rendering me hidden against the watch of the Kuoltai -- may they lose all sense and rot in agnosia and dement themselves for all eternity -- and not the other way round.

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