Friday, January 27, 2012

Timed Writing: 1/27/2012

Time: 10 minutes
Prompt: Cut through the living rock
Source: Washington Irving, The Alhambra

"Cut through the living, Rock, not the dead!" Tav never missed a chance to chide me, even in the heat of the fray. That I had slain two for each of his didn't phase him either. When he saw me up to my elbows in the belly of a wasted dust-crawler, slicing its flesh and bowels with my las-knife, he didn't stop to inquire why I was doing this, nor ask how he might assist; he just tossed his quip and went on wreaking havoc on the dumb creatures that had been sent to devour us.

These were an updated version of the classic dust-crawler. Instead of the row of interdigitating razor-edged teeth, these had ten or fifteen rows of backward-pointing needles on each of the four jaws, such that an appendage, having once entered, would have little chance of exit. I had learned this when I had to very hastily blow the latches on my crash boot and abandon it down one such maw. Not two splits later though, I'd put a lance through the creature's sub-eye and discharged my banger in its cereb. But that still left me with only one boot on a ramdam hostile lawn, so I did the one thing for it and effected a grisly retrieve.

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