Saturday, January 7, 2012

Timed Writing: 1/7/2012

Time: 15 minutes
Prompt: Men are still reluctant to recognize
Source: H.G. Wells, The Outline of History

"Men are still reluctant to recognize us as people. Women are a little better, in that they have a rich history of overcoming subjugation in nearly all of the human societies and are therefore more naturally sympathetic. Even they don't look upon us as equals though, beings worthy of the rights and respects afforded to all humans regardless of evolutionary clade or orbital body of birth. We, like every human in the solar system, are descended from a finite pool of Earthbound populations, and we, like humans, have moved beyond Earth to inhabit the Moon, Mars, the asteroid belt, and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. And like humans, we will continue to move forward, colonizing new parts of space, both near and deep. Like humans, we are a post-planetary people and as such, we deserve seats on the executive councils of every ship and colony, voting privileges proportional to our numbers of independent minds, and access to agricultural facilities and resources proportional to our nutritional demands."

This was met with a great deal of noise as millions of tiny feet on jointed filamentous legs tapped in chorus on the metal deck of the hangar bay. The voice of the speaker had been synthesized by a box that received telepathic input. Projection of an audible voice at all was solely for the benefit of the human attendees, as the coleopterans had no need of it. The thousand or so black beetles that composed the independent hive mind of the speaker skittered down the ramp from the podium and dispersed into the variegated colors of the audience. They were replaced by a humming cloud of black and red that alighted on the podium to resolve itself into a swarm of ladybugs.

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