Monday, January 9, 2012

Timed Writing: 1/9/2012

Time: 15 minutes
Prompt: You could create such an entity
Source: Ed Regis, Nano

"You could create such an entity," the angel said. "A sort of anti-You or alter-You. Then You'd have someone against whom to contrast Yourself in the eyes of your creations."

"You are right. I could create such an entity -- someone to wreak havoc on their world, to promote misery, inspire doubt, fan embers of discord into fires of wrath, sew seeds of discontent. But is the actual creation of such an entity necessary when these creatures already do such a fine job of making themselves miserable?"

"But if they could redirect all of the resentments and rages that are now directed toward You, and focus them on a separate entity -- ascribe to this alter-You all responsibility for the chaos and suffering that they experience -- then You would appear to them all the more admirable and deserving of love, respect, and worship."

"Do you really think so? Might they not become too fixated on the contrast between Me and the alter-Me? Might not their views of the world become too polarized? Might they not learn to label anything that offended them (if even temporarily) as being a product of the alter-Me? And might they not go on to apply this scheme of polarized labels to one another, as well, such that anyone with whom they contend regarding any petty difference would be automatically considered a vassal of the alter-Me? And once subsets of them had been thus identified by other subsets, might not the next step be to eliminate such evil persons? Might it not seem to them that by doing so they would be serving Me, accomplishing My will, worshiping Me through their cleansing of My Earth?"

The angel remained silent.

"No, dear friend, I think it better to leave things as they are, with Me alone to be blamed or thanked; Me alone to be called good or evil according to their whim; Me alone to embrace or ignore."

"But their capacity for invention and self-deception is prodigious, is it not? Might they not, on their own, in their own minds, invent such an alter-You? A myth with such strength that it assumes the functions of reality? In an effort to explain to themselves the suffering that they experience, or worse yet, in an effort to justify to themselves their fears and the consequent violences that they commit, might they not create such an entity?"

"They might."

"And then might not the final outcome be the same as if You had created it?"

"It might."

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Seth said...

If only he'd had omniscience.

M. Huw Evans said...

Yes... if only. ',:^D

M. Huw Evans said...

Oh... is that my prompt for tomorrow? I like it.