Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Timed Writing: 2/14/2012

Time: 10 minutes
Prompt: I am almost afraid to stand alone, here in the churchyard
Source: William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

I am almost afraid to stand alone, here in the churchyard, while all my friends and acquaintances stroll about in pairs and trios, under the canopy of sycamores. I cannot find it in me to celebrate. I fear that if I am absent, however, the truth of the matter -- of my role in the failed plot -- might be suspected. I move toward a buffet table. If my mouth is full, I cannot be expected to smile.

"Martin! Come join us!" It is Jill, the girl with purple braids who lives two doors down. She is sitting with young women that I've seen around town but have never met. There is a large plate of sandwiches and fruit on their table, and they are sharing a jug of beer. I wave to Jill and abandon my previous course, ambling instead to their table.

"Fran," Jill says to the heavily tattooed young woman on her right, "grab a chair for Martin, won't you?"

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