Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Timed Writing: 2/28/2012

Time: 15 minutes
Source Photo: Cracked

Dark. Completely black. Smells of mildew and mouse droppings. Eyes are closed. I open them. Vertical lines. A vent. I'm on the ground or a floor. Vent on wall before me. Laying belly down. Chin extended forward on cool surface. Not cold. Not hot. No sounds. Scratch that. Faint sounds coming through grate. Voices. Metallic, ringing quality -- echoing through sheet metal ducts. Not far off.

"We have to find his ship before anybody sees it." It's a male voice, speaking English. Human, I think.

Then a different voice: "It won't matter how well we hide the ship if he's still alive and operational." This voice is not human.

They're talking about me, but I don't know why I know this. There's something missing. More than that. A lot is missing. I was on my ship -- going somewhere. I was looking for someone. Then what?

I move my head. I try, anyway. A degree or two at the most -- hardly a twitch -- and the pain stops me. Oh, yeah. I've been hurting for a long time now. Head, neck, shoulders, chest... arms. Where are my arms? Horrible pain in my arms but no sense of them. No floor pressed against them. Are they asleep? Nerve pinched? I clench my teeth and tense my neck to turn, to look at myself. The agony replaces consciousness and the metal grade goes black.

Dark. Completely black. Smells of mold and rat shit. Eyes are closed. Open them. Vertical lines. Oh, yeah. I've seen this before. Must have blacked out. Why am I here? Voices again. Three now. New voice, human female: "...here, on this building, crashed into the roof."
The human male: "But we'd have heard it -- felt it crash."
The non-human: "Maybe not. The crash could have occurred before we arrived -- while we were in transit."
The human female: "...which means that he knew where we were heading -- where to find us."
The human male: "Find him. Now."


Targets acquired. Green text scrolls across my vision.

Then red text: Target acquisition acknowledged. Proceed immediately.

What? Proceed with what? Who are they? Why was I seeking them? Targets?

Green text: Weapon dispersion device armed. Vocal signatures locked. Adequate delivery route identified.

Red text: Deploy weapons.

My mouth opens despite the protesting pain that tears through my head. My abdomen and chest expand with a deep inhalation. All of my pain receptors are saturated, so I hear, rather than feel the broken ends of ribs grinding against one another. I cough, expelling all of my breath, and with it, a cloud. A black swarm of speck. It looks like course sand, but it doesn't fall. It flies straight, directly through the grate. Where have I seen it before? It looks so familiar.

Green text: Weapons deployed.

There's a fainted brushing, ringing sound. My visions blurs, darkens. I try to inhale. Cannot. Suffocating. Urge to thrash around, to scream. Cannot do either. Completely paralyzed.

The brushing sound of the flying sand stops. The screaming begins. Three voices. Two human, one non-human. Then the screaming stops.

Red text: Mission accomplished. Well done. Proceed with elimination of delivery device.

Green text: Acknowledged.

The brushing sound in the grate returns and it grows louder, closer. The black swarm rushes toward me and again, I want to scream, but the desire doesn't last for long.

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