Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Timed Writing: 3/9/2012

Time: 10 minutes
Source photo: 50/52 by Jade McGregor

It started as just one ladybug. One ladybug on the outside of the screen door. Emma saw it as she entered the kitchen with a basket of raspberries. It was the typical kind -- red with black spots -- not one of the muddy-yellow ones that she'd learned about during last year's invasion. Still, just that one, crawling up the mesh, sent a shudder through her scalp and spine and she felt sure that she could already scent the acrid stink of the flamboyant little beetle.

Emma set the raspberries on the counter by the sink and ran into the living room. Her mother sat typing a letter and her father and James, her brother, were folding the laundry.

"They're back," said Emma. "The ladybugs. They're coming."

"You sure?" asked her dad. "How many?"

"Only one -- so far," she replied.

"Did you kill it?" asked James.

"You'd better bring the shop-vac up from the basement, Howard," said Emma's mother.

"I'll get it as soon as we finish here," Emma's father replied. "I guess we're gonna need it."

Emma felt sick. Nauseous. She wanted to leave -- to just get on her bike and ride away, to some other part of the island. Some place that didn't attract the invaders.

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