Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Timed Writing, Interrupted

A few months ago, I started posting daily timed writing exercises. For the first two months I used random prompts from anywhere I could find them (often just a book pulled from a shelf). In the third month, I used photos from flickr as my prompts. This was more challenging in some ways, easier in others.

Having completed three months of these daily exercises, I have decided to take a break -- mostly because I've got several different stories in progress and I'd rather spend my time working on them than on writing and posting the exercises. I may start posting timed exercises again at some point, but for now, you can expect to not see them posted.

If you happen to particularly like any of the previously-posted snippets, let me know. Your vote may very well move it up the queue for development into something longer and/or more polished.

Thanks for reading!

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Elijah said...

Checking out your blog for the first time and still trying to figure out how all this stuff works, but I'm sure that as I grow more proficient that i will read here more often timed exercises or no.

M. Huw Evans said...

Thank you, Elijah. Delighted to have another reader!