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Timed Writing: 5/17/2012

Time: 10 minutes
Prompt: "... in pumping water out of the Peruvian mines... "
Source: 1 x 3 x 2 + 1 x 4 = 10 = Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens

Efrain was put in charge of pumping water out of the Peruvian mines partly as a reward for the resourcefulness that he had demonstrated in his prior post as a lunar ice mining engineer and partly as a punishment for "seducing" the second son of the lieutenant governor of the seventeenth lunar colony -- a man of "traditional" values (the lieutenant governor, that is -- not his second son).

Though born in Nuuk, to second-generation Spanish heat refugees, Efrain had been on moon or asteroid since childhood, moving from site to site, wherever his mother's ice-mining expertise was required. So Efrain knew nothing about Peru and spoke only a little spanish (and none of the languages of the Peruvian mountains, whatever they might be). More importantly, he had never worked against Earth's gravity or its atmospheric pressure. Still, ice was ice and water was water. Valuable, if fresh.

There was much for Efrain to learn and the job seemed sufficiently complex to maintain his interest. Possibly even captivating enough to keep him out of trouble. That, of course might depend on other factors: the local population, their appetites, and their traditional mores and acquired moralities.

Efrain put on the appropriate public show of delight and surprise at his new appointment, as well as the even more necessary, though slightly less public appearance of righteous indignation, mixed with heartache at being exiled from the Moon and parted from his lover. No mutually agreeable activities of consenting adults were banned by systemic law, and it was only in such provincial throwback pockets of inhabited space such as Luna 17 that anyone would even have noted the dalliances of some minor dignitary's offspring. Efrain bore the father of his latest lunar lover no real grudge. The son had added some interest to an otherwise tedious appointment and neither of them had expected more of the affair than it had yielded. It was the idea of a parent even wanting to bend the will or curb the behaviors of an adult child that irked Efrain. Lunacy... on the moon.

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