Sunday, June 17, 2012

Timed Writing: 6/14/2012

Time: 5 minutes
Prompt: "... had a faint ringing in his ears..."
Source: Mortals by Norman Rush

When Marcel woke he still had a faint ringing in his ears from the heavily amplified instruments and voices of the previous night's concert. He also had a full bladder and no notion of where the nearest toilet might be. He lay on an unfamiliar couch in an unfamiliar living room decorated with unfamiliar prints of nauseatingly familiar works of art.

Marcel sat up and the urgent, pressing pain near his groin was momentarily eclipsed by a dull throbbing that started somewhere behind his eyeballs and quickly spread to his entire head. The sitting position constrained his bladder, however, so the two discomforts battled mercilessly for dominance while Marcel tried to piece together the fragments of his recent past.

He remembered arguing with Harris about driving. Harris had insisted that Marcel was too drunk. Whatever Marcel's response had been -- he could not remember what he'd said -- he was now inclined to agree with Harris. But this wasn't Harris's apartment, so he must have found someone else to put him up for the night. One of Harris's other friends? One of the musicians? Someone from the after party? After party. What was the monstrous stuff they had given him to drink in that warehouse loft?

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