Friday, August 24, 2012

Timed Writing: 8/24/2012

Time: 15 minutes
Prompt: "...dissuade me from tasting the pleasure of revenge..."
Source: Tartuffe by Molière

Truly, I tell you, I am not vindictive by nature. Rarely has a milder, more patient and understanding creature graced the verdant slopes of these fair peaks than I. And yet...

Nay, before I speak further of my elegant vindettas of yesteryear and of the ardency with which certain of your elders endeavored to dissuade me from tasting the pleasure of revenge, allow me first to revisit an era gone—a time when I beheld sun and sky and basalt column with eyes as fresh as your own, when with unseasoned ear I strove, even as you still may, to discern meaning in the rasp of ice on stone and wisdom in the screech of a prey bird. I will convince you, in spite of the terror writ big across your snowed face, that monster though I may now be hailed, I was once even as meek, flabbed, and impotent as yourself.

Tell me, now, you were born among the rivers, were you not? Or even the brooks, perhaps? Just so. I divined as much from the water in your eyes and the drip of your countenance. Even so was it for me. Birth among the rivers and childhood at a lake... only to be washed rough upon a desolate beach of puberty and to drag myself, step by soul-devouring stumble, across the waste of barren adolescence and the parched desert beyond. What tales to tell.

Hark, now. None of that worry! Strike concern from your brow. That you hear this now—that I trouble to speak to you of days that anticipated my ascent to these mountains—should breathe you a measure of calm. Waste words, I do not. Oh, now, is that a hint of smile upsprung cross your mouth? Savor you the irony of my claim? Yes, 'tis a truth that eloquence—or excess of verbiage, more like—is a fault for me to own.

But hear me, now, when I say, in both verity and humor combined, that I do truly love every single, individual word that issues from my own benectared mouth and that I would have my orations echoed far and wide by all who are favored to hear them. Therefore, I do not waste words. I do not wast words on any who is like to later taste my wrath and so silenced. I would have you go forth, whole, from this, my home, and transmit what you have heard to all whom you meet.

So then, rest you now upon your couch and listen to my tale in comfort and peace. For in that you are my voice to the world, you are my friend.

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