Friday, June 27, 2014

Write-a-thon: Week 1 Update

During the first six days of Clarion West's Write-a-thon, I wrote 2090 words (about 348 per day, average, never less than 250 on any given day), so thus far, I am meeting my writing goals.

Here is a small sample from my work-in-progress, which is a science-fiction/horror story inspired by Vonda McIntyre's amazing bead creations:

The tiny black beads are my favorite. Like caviar in linear formation. Or shrews’ eyes, cut from their pointy brown faces and lined up to stare back at me as I string them on a wire filament. Colorful beads are nice too. Black ones, though—shiny black ones—they are special because they know how to vanish into their own shadows when the light isn’t shining on them just so.

I learned this from Dorothea. Dorothea saw it as a bad thing, though. She let me have as many beads as I wanted, but not the black ones. Dorothea never used black beads in her creations, so it was a mystery to me how she managed to drop so many on the floor each day. Also, why she bought them in the first place.

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