Saturday, December 12, 2009

In the interest of the persecuted...

My attention was drawn to this story by a friend and fellow science fiction reader.

Regardless of a few fuzzy areas in the story, it seems pretty clear that at the very least, this represents use of excessive force by US border patrol at a US-Canadian border crossing. And when one considers the sources of information and the apparent possible motivations, it looks more like a case of hideously needless brutality and gross injustice. Take a look at the article, keep your ears open, and be concerned about what's happening at our borders. If really inspired, consider contributing to Dr. Watts' defense fund. A good defense and a victory in this case will be an important part of exposing the injustices meted out by fascistoids at our borders.

Though never subjected to actual physical violence, a good friend of mine who is a scientist and a German citizen has been repeatedly harassed and impeded without ANY cause or provocation when crossing from Canada into the United States (he has since solved the problem by moving to the UK). I don't know Dr. Watts, but I do know my friend and I trust his accounts of border crossing injustice entirely. I find many US border policies and procedures repugnant in general, but when they become downright irrational, arbitrary, and unjust, I get sick with anger, sorrow, and apprehension. Just another sign of the ongoing atrophy, fibrosis, and decay of my country.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The meter's running...

...but who's running it?

Here's a superb bit of writing from Areophany at Martian Utopia Cafe about the atrocity that corporate villainy and corruptible politicians have committed in Chicago. Enjoy (or just cringe).