Friday, August 1, 2014

Write-a-thon: Week 6 Update

Dear readers and write-a-thon sponsors,

Thank you.

Thank you for sponsoring me in the Write-a-thon, for supporting Clarion West, and for encouraging me in my writing.

Today is the last day of the Write-a-thon and as of yesterday's official report, we (you sponsoring me) have raised $560. So we're still $40 short of the $600 goal, but we've done far, far better than I'd expected when I started (makes one think of Mr. Carton... "It is a far better thing..." and all. Nevermind). 

The workshop is over and it's been the best of times (there I go again). I, like the students in this year's class, am tired. But happy. And... I've met all of my writing goals for the entire six weeks: I have written at least 250 words per day every day. Over the past week, I've written a total of 2305 words, for a daily average of 329. My slimmest day was 272. All of my writing this week was on the bead story, so now, for your reading pleasure, I present another excerpt:

When I returned with my plastic shovel and pail, he laughed and I thought he was going to make fun of me, but then he didn’t. He said, “That’s pretty smart, actually. Thanks for not bringing a metal shovel. This way I won’t lose an ear.”

I started making the hole bigger, but dirt kept falling on his face, so I put a paper towel over his face and told him to yell if it got so he couldn’t breath. He laughed and told me to just spill as little dirt as possible.

I had to stop twice while I was digging to go inside and pee. The first time, I didn’t see Mama at all and her door was closed. The second time, she was asleep in front of the TV. 

When I’d finally made the hole big enough that I could get down in it and stand on a flat place that I’d made next to Carl’s face, I moved the napkin and he winked at me.

“I’m really tired,” I said. “Can I finish later?”

“Tell you what,” he said. “I already feel a whole lot lighter and more free. How about if you just clear away the dirt around my head and neck and then we’ll see if maybe I can’t wiggle myself loose a bit.

I scraped dirt away from under his chin, so he was finally able to tilt his head forward. He had been looking straight up for a long time and when it moved, he sighed. I dug down on one side of his neck and he rolled his head into the space like his neck was stiff and he was stretching it out. I dug out even more on the other side and his head leaned over that way. He kept stretching it further and further. Then his head fell over. Fell on its side, one ear facing up, so I could see straight down into it.

Thank you for reading, and if you would like to sponsor me--to help me achieve my fund-raising goal of $600, please visit my Write-a-thon page. There are some super cool kick-starter-esque premiums!

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