Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Magic Wands

Here are a few of the magic wands I've been making:

seven lathe-turned wooden wands of varying designs, arranged horizontally in descending order of length, top to bottom.

I hand-turn them from a variety of woods, and every wand is unique. My elf assistants assure me that each wand houses, in its core, some fiber or feather or filament from a magical plant or animal (but no magical creatures were harmed in the making of my wands!); I never seem to be present for installation of such components, but I trust the elves.

How can you obtain one of these one-of-a-kind necessities? Well, allow me, in one word, to tell you: Donate!

I'm giving five of these away as perks to people who donate to Clarion West's Write-a-thon fundraiser. 

My top two donors will each get one. So… that makes this kind of like an auction. If you want a wand, bid donate high… and then watch for my email updates to donors, in which I’ll announce the current top two donation levels. If you’ve been bumped out of the running, you can always come back and up your donation. When Write-a-thon ends, I’ll send photos of all wands currently available (there are many) to my top two donors and they’ll get to choose their wands (in descending order of donation amount).

BUT WAIT! That’s not the only way to win a wand.

I will also randomly award a wand apiece to THREE donors who support writers other than me.

So… if you want a magic wand, hand-turned by me, donate to Clarion West via the Write-a-thon!

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