Saturday, January 9, 2010


Selah is the transliteration of a Hebrew word that occurs frequently in the Psalms of David. There seems to be some debate about the correct interpretation, but the one that I was told most frequently as a child was, "stop and consider what you've just heard." Another translation is, "Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear." It is also used in some passages as a verb meaning to weigh or to measure against.

All of these are appropriate responses to a recent post by Areophany at Martian Utopia Cafe about the atrocious Isreali policies toward Palestinians.

So read his post; read the references; weigh his words; stop and consider. Selah!

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George Berger said...

Thanks for sending me to the MUC post. I did not know that the Israeli strategy was so deliberate and that it is so shamelessly announced. I think that the latter has one purpose: intimidation. If I have time I'll send the links to old acquaintences who should be told the truth for once.